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  • 29 & 30 Week Pregnancy Update Plus DIY Nursery Mobiles, The Burlap Bag Gifts, Baby Shower Invitation and More

    How far along? 30 weeks

    Total weight gain/measurements: 128lbs. SOMEBODY had a growth spurt! 

    Maternity clothes: I had been searching for the perfect dress for my baby shower. I went on ASOS maternity and found a couple dresses that I LOVED! Because ASOS offers free return shipping, I usually order multiple items then return the "rejects". Anyways, I found the loveliest dress that fits my round body like a dream! I can't wait to wear it!! 

    Stretch marks? Not yet! I have been using sweet almond oil twice a day.

    Sleep: Its been pretty good the last couple weeks considering how big I am. Emily has been extra cuddly and basically spoons my belly every morning. Its pretty adorable. 

    Best moment this week:  Finishing the nursery mobile!! 

    Miss anything? I miss not having to pee every 15 minutes. I feel like the cold makes it even worse! 

    Movement: I wonder how much room he has in there. He seems to be flopping around all over the place! I asked my doctor what his positioning during our last appointment and he was head down! :) 

    Food cravings: Tuna (ew)

    Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing new. Still can't stand Old Bay or popcorn (barf!!)

    Gender: My Moy Boy <3 

    Symptoms: No new symptoms. Just getting progressively round and heavy.  Ligament pain is still an issue but I ordered a belly support band so I hope that will help out! 

    Belly button in or out? FLAT. 

    Wedding rings on or off? On!

    Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty consistent. I'm getting a little overwhelmed with the millions of things left to do, but other than that, I have been happy and excited. 

    Looking forward to: Interviewing  a pediatrician tomorrow! 

    We have baby registries at Target and Amazon! (for those of you who have asked)

    I finally finishd my nursery mobile, and in the process I made an exta one that is now for sale in my etsy shop! >>CLICK HERE<<

    This is the mobile that will live in my nursery! 

    Shower invitation design by Alexis Thornlow

    HUGE thank you to The Burlap Bag for the lovely candles! Unicorn Puke smells like cotton candy, of course! And Crazy Cat Lady is a refreshing citrus-y scent. Check out all of her amazing scents >>HERE<<

  • 23 Week Pregnancy Update Plus Some Other Tid-Bits

    How far along? 23 weeks!

    Total weight gain/measurements: 116 lbs!

    Maternity clothes: SO I'm having quite the dilemma trying to find something cute to wear on NYE. I am going to a gold and black themed party so I should have a wide range of options right? NOPE! Because I am picky and think I can still get away with body con dresses, I have created a pretty big mess. I ordered a total of 4 dresses. None of them specifically "maternity". 

    One, I could't fit over my thigh… yeah, just ONE thigh. Another was just way too baggy, I looked like a black shiny trash bag. The other is meh… but it fits me the best. Its kind of shaped like a bell. Its tight on the top and flares out.  And the last one I am still waiting on. Its a body con dress, so fingers crossed I can squeeze my thighs and bump into it and still look cute. 

    I need maternity bras like now. My once manageable chest area is now in desperate need of support! 

    Stretch marks? No. Burts Bees Mama Belly Butter every day and lots of H2O! 

    Sleep: Pregnancy insomnia. That's all. 

    Best moment this week:  We got our stroller! We had a collection of coupons that saved us a TON of money. We have been obsessed with the Britax B-Agile 4 since before we ever became pregnant and we finally have it!! 

    Miss anything? Nope.

    Movement: TONS of kicks and I am pretty sure he dragged his finger nail across my tummy the other day. That wasn't pleasant. 

    Food cravings: Cantaloupe 

    Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing new. Still can't stand Old Bay or popcorn (barf!!)

    Gender: IT'S A BOY!!!!!!! 

    Symptoms: Pregnancy insomnia! UGH! 

    Belly button in or out? In!

    Wedding rings on or off? On!

    Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy. Had a couple days where I didn't feel like myself which was odd. I was irritated and grumpy at everything. Not cute. 

    Looking forward to: Christmas! 

    Our stoller!! IN LOVE! 

    Messy but my first little crocheted bear beanie for my little dude <3 

  • Lives are changing!

    We are so excited to finally announce our big news! Phil and I are having a baby! Our dream has come true and come April we will be parents! We couldn't be more excited to expand our little family of 3 (including Emily) to 4!

    NYC photographer and good friend, Ross Thompson photographed these lovely announcement photos for us. (Location: Old Town, Va.) Check out his work here! Thanks Ross!! 

    Almost 8 years ago, shortly after Phil and I met, we came across the cutest little baby Vans shoes! I don't even know why, but we bought them. They traveled with us to 7 different homes and 4 different states. Who knew they would actually be apart of our announcement photos so many years later!? Clearly we will be a Vans wearing family. LOL.