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  • The Birth of Camden Mitchell Moy

    April 8th 2015. I noticed signs of "early labor" that morning. My mucus plug fell out! Yes, "mucus plug" is literally the grossest term ever, but it is what it is. For anyone who does't know what a mucus plug is (aka bloody show), its basically a plug created by your body to block anything from entering or exiting your cervix during pregnancy. It falls out when your cervix starts to widen. Whatever you do, DO NOT GOOGLE IT!!

    Once the mucus plug falls out, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks for labor to pick up. I was lucky and did not have to wait long. At around 10:30 that evening, Phil and I were watching Parks and Recreation and I felt a "pop" in my uterus. It didn't hurt but it felt super awkward. I wobbled to the bathroom and out it came…. NOPE! not the baby :p, but a gush of water. My water had broke and we immediately called the hospital to let them know Baby C was ready! We showered, cleaned up the house, fed Emily and packed the car! Within the hour I started having mild contractions.

    We arrived at the hospital around 11:30pm and headed straight to the evaluation room to make sure I was "actually in labor". I obviously was, but I guess it was mediatory that they test my amniotic fluid to make sure it was actually amnionic fluid. Indeed it was and as my contractions began to SUCK, we were taken to our labor and delivery suite. The room was wonderful! So comfy and absolutely huge! We immediately plugged in an iHome and cranked yoga music to keep the mood chill. By 4:30 in the morning, I was about 3 centimeters dilated. I couldn't deal with the contractions anymore so I demanded an epidural. I've had a lot of people ask me  how bad the epidural was but in all honesty, it barely hurt at all and I think that is mainly because the contraction were so god awful. For those of you who are scared of the epidural, don't be! If its something you want, go for it!

    About 20 minutes later, I was totally numb from the waist down. I couldn't feel my contractions which RULED but that also meant my legs didn't work which was weird. I had the most amazing sleep of my life that night! While I slept, my contractions became closer together and my cervix dilated more and more, but not fast enough. One of the drawbacks to getting an epidural is that it can slow down the labor process. I was given pitocin to get it back on track. By 2 pm I was fully dilated. My midwife, Jenna had me sit straight up in my bed to allow the baby to "drop" as much as possible, which can make pushing easier and delivery quicker. I was scheduled to begin pushing at 3:30pm. As I waited, I munched on ice chips, texted family and friends and took selfies with my selfie stick. By now, my epidural began to wear off a bit, and I was feeing contractions. This was a good thing as I would be able to feel the pressure to push.

    At 3:20pm I was coached by a nurse on pushing.  As we did a couple of practice pushes, baby C's head was visible so she had me stop. 3 women in the labor and delivery ward (including myself) where all in the exact same stages of labor so my poor midwife was running around between the 3 of us trying to delver each baby in a timely manner. When it was our time to push, she had offered to bring in a mirror so I could watch our progress. Now, this was NOT in my birth plan but then again we did not use my birth plan once as a reference during the entire labor/delivery. I was more comfortable just winging it and doing whatever was best for my baby and myself. I will say, using the mirror was the best decision! To watch the process was amazing and not as scary as I thought it would be.

    With a nurse on one leg, Phil on the other and Jenna in the middle, it was time! Surprisingly, I was not nervous or scared, just overwhelmed with excitement and ready to meet this little ninja that had been living inside of me for the last 10 months. Phil was a HUUUUGE help the entire time I pushed. He and the nurse each held my feet so I could push off of them and he was giving me continuous cheers and encouragement. I absolutely loved that he was able to be involved in the actual delivery of our baby!

    After about 15 minutes of pushing, baby C's heart rate began to drop so I was put on oxygen which helped bring his heart rate back up. Even at this point I was not concerned or scared. I knew my little guy was OK and trying his hardest to meet us. At this point the top of his head was out and just a few minutes later I was instructed by Jenna to laugh. So I did. This was my final "push" which would bring my little Camden into the world. I immediately reached down and pulled him up to my chest. Still attached to his umbilical chord and wet, we locked eyes. I hugged him, kissed him and smelled him. This exact moment would forever change me as a person and give my life a deeper meaning.

    April 9th, 2015 at 3:59pm, I was blessed with a perfectly healthy baby boy who had given me the best pregnancy and most amazing labor and delivery. It was such an empowering experience. I encourage all women to try their hardest to enjoy the entire journey! Each birth story is different but just as special. The ability to give life is incredible and a true miracle. 

     Our Snapchat we sent out to family and friends while we jetted to the hospital! 

    In the evaluation room

    Fetal heart rate monitors

    Phil was fanning me during contractions <3

    In the labor and delivery suite, letting baby C drop. About to start pushing! 

    SELFIE STICK! Its time! 

    HE'S HERE!!! Camden Mitchell Moy <3 This moment. I can't explain it, but it was magical! 

    Camden getting weighed, measured and cleaned up!

    Daddy's first time holding his baby boy! 

    He is perfect! 

  • What's in my hospital bag? The compete list!

    I don't know why, but during the last few months of my pregnancy I have been obsessed with "what's in my hospital bag" videos and blog posts. I find them extremely helpful so here is what we are bringing with us to the hospital. Maybe it will help someone else. Disclaimer: I have a MAJOR over-packing problem, so this is the best I could do. ;) 

    ♡One bag for Mommy which will have everything I need for labor and delivery plus recovery. I am also bringing along my Bobby pillow and a pillow from home. I don't do pancake pillows and I hear the hospital pillows lack the fluff. NOPE! **MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR ID AND INSTALL YOUR CAR SEAT!!!**

    -Comfy socks. 


    -2 Pairs of yoga pants, one will be used for going home.

    -2 nursing tanks, one will be used for going home.

    -Nursing nightgown with robe

    -Pajama pants

    -Ugly undies (probably wont use them, but just in case I can't stand the mesh pantie they provide) 

    -Postpartum compression band

    -Water bottle

    -Toiletry bag (I have 2 because not everything fit in one.)

    -Small standing mirror

    -Make up bag

    -Head phones

    -(not pictured) hoodie

    -(not pictured) labor gown (the gowns look gross so I MAY end up buying my own)

    -(not pictured) Pillow 

    -Make up bag - Just a few essentials; foundation, mascara, liner, blush, brow pencil, lipstick, eye shadow and brushes. 

    There is no point in separating toiletries since we both use most of the same things. 

    -New razor (yea we share!)

    -Travel shaving cream

    -Hair ties


    -Hand sanitizer



    -Travel Make up wipes

    -Travel Toothpaste


    -Travel Gold Bond

    -Soap (we use this for face/body)

    -Small brush

    -Travel Deodorant 




    -Hair clip

    -Dry Shampoo (I am NOT washing my hair in the hospital) 

    -Soothing gel pads for those sore boobies

    -Lanolin nipple cream

    -Extra pads for going home, I refuse to wear a diaper with yoga pants in public! 


    Daddy's bag is a bit bare, as we live just 15 minutes away from the hospital so I did not want to make him pack too much. He plans on running home a couple of times to check on Emily and feed her, if he needs something else he can grab it then. 

    -Birth Plan

    -Massage balls 

    -Comfy pants



    -Slippers (not pictured but they will most likely be his Crocs)



    -Camera (not pictured, as I used it to phototgraph :p) 

    -Camera charger

    -(not pictured, we are stil using them) Phone chargers 


    -Disinfectant  wipes (because he is germaphobe)

    -(not pictured) Pillow from home 

    -SOMETHING to make the room smell good 

    -(not pictured) Wallet 


    My FAVORITE bag to pack was baby C's diaper bag! Full of cute! Note, the hospital will provide pretty much everything except a going home outfit, but I am a first time Mom so of course I am going to bring a quarter of his wardrobe! A friend suggested I bring a few newborn size outfits as well as 0-3 months just incase he is a big baby. 

    -Diaper bag (Chelsea Downtown Bag)

    -Baby's Book of Firsts by Lucy Darling (for his first foot prints)

    -Nail files

    -Nail clippers

    -Newborn brush (incase he has a ton of hair) 

    -Boba wrap

    -Swaddle blanket by aden + anais (I will probably use for the car ride home)

    -Receiving blanket

    -Few pairs of socks

    -Few pairs of leggings

    -Scratch mittens


    -Bear hoodie

    -Simple White hoodie

    -Couple long-sleeved onesies