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  • DIY Burp Cloths

    I came across a super adorable tutorial on Pinterest for DIY burp cloths or spit up rags. I just HAD to make my own! I searched for a lovely fabric made of organic cotton on Etsy and came across these two patterns that Ioved! Initially I had gotten minky cloth to use as well but when I began to work with it, I HATED IT and I did not see it being all that absorbent so I went with a simple soft terry cloth.  

    You will need:

    1 yard of terry cloth (prewashed)

    1 yard of patterned fabric (prewashed)

    Thread to match

    Step One: Cut a rectangle 10x18" out of both the terry cloth and the patterned fabric. 

    Step Two: Sew the two rectangles together, right-sides together, with a 1/2" seam, leaving a 1" opening in the middle of one of the edges.

    Step Three: Flip the burp rag right-side out, and topstitch all the way around, including on the opening to close it.