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  • What's in my hospital bag? The compete list!

    I don't know why, but during the last few months of my pregnancy I have been obsessed with "what's in my hospital bag" videos and blog posts. I find them extremely helpful so here is what we are bringing with us to the hospital. Maybe it will help someone else. Disclaimer: I have a MAJOR over-packing problem, so this is the best I could do. ;) 

    ♡One bag for Mommy which will have everything I need for labor and delivery plus recovery. I am also bringing along my Bobby pillow and a pillow from home. I don't do pancake pillows and I hear the hospital pillows lack the fluff. NOPE! **MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR ID AND INSTALL YOUR CAR SEAT!!!**

    -Comfy socks. 


    -2 Pairs of yoga pants, one will be used for going home.

    -2 nursing tanks, one will be used for going home.

    -Nursing nightgown with robe

    -Pajama pants

    -Ugly undies (probably wont use them, but just in case I can't stand the mesh pantie they provide) 

    -Postpartum compression band

    -Water bottle

    -Toiletry bag (I have 2 because not everything fit in one.)

    -Small standing mirror

    -Make up bag

    -Head phones

    -(not pictured) hoodie

    -(not pictured) labor gown (the gowns look gross so I MAY end up buying my own)

    -(not pictured) Pillow 

    -Make up bag - Just a few essentials; foundation, mascara, liner, blush, brow pencil, lipstick, eye shadow and brushes. 

    There is no point in separating toiletries since we both use most of the same things. 

    -New razor (yea we share!)

    -Travel shaving cream

    -Hair ties


    -Hand sanitizer



    -Travel Make up wipes

    -Travel Toothpaste


    -Travel Gold Bond

    -Soap (we use this for face/body)

    -Small brush

    -Travel Deodorant 




    -Hair clip

    -Dry Shampoo (I am NOT washing my hair in the hospital) 

    -Soothing gel pads for those sore boobies

    -Lanolin nipple cream

    -Extra pads for going home, I refuse to wear a diaper with yoga pants in public! 


    Daddy's bag is a bit bare, as we live just 15 minutes away from the hospital so I did not want to make him pack too much. He plans on running home a couple of times to check on Emily and feed her, if he needs something else he can grab it then. 

    -Birth Plan

    -Massage balls 

    -Comfy pants



    -Slippers (not pictured but they will most likely be his Crocs)



    -Camera (not pictured, as I used it to phototgraph :p) 

    -Camera charger

    -(not pictured, we are stil using them) Phone chargers 


    -Disinfectant  wipes (because he is germaphobe)

    -(not pictured) Pillow from home 

    -SOMETHING to make the room smell good 

    -(not pictured) Wallet 


    My FAVORITE bag to pack was baby C's diaper bag! Full of cute! Note, the hospital will provide pretty much everything except a going home outfit, but I am a first time Mom so of course I am going to bring a quarter of his wardrobe! A friend suggested I bring a few newborn size outfits as well as 0-3 months just incase he is a big baby. 

    -Diaper bag (Chelsea Downtown Bag)

    -Baby's Book of Firsts by Lucy Darling (for his first foot prints)

    -Nail files

    -Nail clippers

    -Newborn brush (incase he has a ton of hair) 

    -Boba wrap

    -Swaddle blanket by aden + anais (I will probably use for the car ride home)

    -Receiving blanket

    -Few pairs of socks

    -Few pairs of leggings

    -Scratch mittens


    -Bear hoodie

    -Simple White hoodie

    -Couple long-sleeved onesies



  • 31 & 32 Week Pregnancy Update Plus Gifts from Living Royal Sock Company and Stitched Up Apparel Baby Boutique

    How far along? 32 weeks

    Total weight gain/measurements: 130lbs 

    Maternity clothes: I cracked! I had to buy larger maternity pantaloons to house these big old hips and actual maternity shirts, my non maternity shirts made me feel like a stuffed sausage. I also had to buy a belly support band.. so basically a bra for my belly. Humph! 

    Stretch marks? Not yet! I have been using sweet almond oil twice a day.

    Sleep: Its been ok. I upped my pillow game and now use 3 big pillows. Poor Phil has little to no room left in our bed. Emily has been super clingy lately and forces herself on me every night. She will stand on me and hover until I make room for her to lay directly on my belly. She is such a weirdo. I think she likes baby boys kicks and he likes the vibrations from her purrs. 

    Best moment this week:  Having dinner with family at the mall and laughing for hours because we are all just so ridiculous. Also, we found a pediatrician very close to our house! 

    Miss anything? I miss being comfortable and not having random Braxton hicks contractions which make me instinctually grab my nether regions. -_- 

    Movement: This dude is crazy active! No complaints tho! I love it. 

    Food cravings: a glass of wine and oysters. 

    Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing new. Still can't stand Old Bay or popcorn (barf!!)

    Gender: My Moy Boy <3 

    Symptoms: My back is increasingly sore. But only in one spot, under my right shoulder blade. I've also started crying a lot.  Not because I am sad or anything, its just a weird reaction I have to certain things. I cried in H&R Block during taxes because the old man who was doing our taxes was SO adorable. He reminded me of someone. 

    Belly button in or out? FLAT and if I eat Pho it pushes out a little…. I can see having a convex bully button in my near future! 

    Wedding rings on or off? Engagement ring is off, wedding ring is still on. Puffy fingers are mad cute… 

    Happy or moody most of the time: Overwhelmed but happy and excited...

    Looking forward to: Dim freaking sum this weekend!!!! 

    We have baby registries at Target and Amazon! (for those of you who have asked)

    32 Weeks

    THANK YOU Living Royal for the adorable socks! Will be adding a few pairs to my hospital bag! They have a HUGE selection of cute socks! Take a look! >here<

    Another lovely package came for "BABY C" (hint hint). How freaking cute is this arrow legging/hat set from Stitched Up Apparel??! This might be little man's going home outfit?! Check out this UK brand's website for some crazy cute baby goodies!! >here<