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  • Camden's 3 Month Update

    3 Months 

    Weight: 14.5lbs

    Length: 25.1 inches

    Diaper size: 1

    Clothing size: 3-6 months

    Health: We have been sticking to the same gas-relief routine. Gripe water and leg pumps.

    Sleep: Still sleeping through the night. Bed time feeding begins at 8pm and he is usually swaddled and asleep by 8:30-8:45. He sleeps sound for 10-11 hours. I a one proud mama! 

    Diet: Breast milk and formula.

    Loves: Getting his picture taken, laughing, smiling, tush tickles, sucking on his fingers, coffee dates with mommy and daddy. 

    Dislikes: Still hates the bath and has recently grown to dispise the car seat and stroller. I don’t know what happened but I am hoping its just a phase! Its too hot to wear him around everywhere. 

    Milestones: He can giggle, hold his head up, grab his toys, roll over from front to back. Lets not ignore the fact this this little boy is not so little anymore. He is HUGE! Growing like crazy! 

    Speech: He is starting to coo. I LOOOOOVE it! 

    Baby Gear Love:

    Taggies Toy

    Boon Suds Botte Washer

    Boons Grass Counter Top Bottle Drying Rack

    VonJet Silhouettes and I teamed up to host a giveaway for one of my Instagram followers to win a $100 gift certificate toward a custom silhouette. I was gifted this amazing piece which is SO incredibly special to me. Its of my little Camden as a newborn. We have it hanging in our nursery! 

    Patriotic Babe! Shirt: Macy's | Skinny Jeans: Target | Shoes LBH Creations 

    Too Hot for a shirt! Hat: Stay Cute | Shorts: Macy's | Socks: Carters | Bear: Carters

    His face is something special. Onesie: Likely Baby Story | Shoes: Bina's Blooms | Bun Bun: Sleepy King

  • Camden's 1 Month Update

    1 Month 

    Weight: 8.5lbs

    Length: 22.2

    Diaper size: Newborn

    Clothing size: Newborn

    Health: Camden is packing on the pounds and is in perfect health. All of the estrogen still in his system has caused baby acne and hair loss. But thats OK. His skin will clear up and his hair will grow back.. So Patrick Stewart won’t be his doppelganger forever LOL >.< All babies have gas, but Camden seems exceptionally gassy to where it is a little painful. We pump his legs and give him little tummy massages to help.

    Sleep: This kid loves to sleep, and will sleep ANYWHERE! His favorite cat nap spots are- the stroller/car seat (LOVES car rides, he passes right out), in his ring sling, in his bouncer and in his swing. The first few weeks Camden slept in our room so I could feed him every couple of hours but he grew to HATE his bassinet so we opted to try letting him sleep in his nursery. This was a much more successful sleeping arrangement for all, and by 4 weeks old, he only woke up twice during the night for feedings. 

    Diet: Camden latched right away so we have began our breastfeeding journey. My milk came in a few days after we brought him home. Its been a painful process but we are thankful for the ability. 

    Loves: Sleeping, ceiling fans, going on walks, the garden center at Home Depot, music, cheek tickles.

    Dislikes: Baths, his bassinet, tummy time.

    Milestones: Can lift his head up for a few minutes at a time, can sleep for 6 hours straight at night. 

    Speech: Not much going on in the speech department. He mostly makes sucking noises and burps lol

    Baby Gear Love:

    Halo sleep sack

    Conner sound machine

    Sakura Bloom ring sling


    aden + anais swaddle blankets

    THANK YOU SungAsaBugClothes for the adorabe mint teepee outfit, made with organic cotton! 

    THANK YOU Likely Baby Story for the adorable shirts and onesie! We can't wait for them to for Camden! 

    Gorgeous collection of handmade candles for the house from @woodscreekcandles. So insanely fragrant and perfect! *baby toes, coconut lime verbena, blooming plumeria, fresh picked stargazer lily, lilacs in full bloom, rose pedal, Aruba coconut, strawberries and cream and orange chiffon cake* Perfect for covering up baby the smell of baby poop that takes over!

    A couple of days old. Hat/Bib: H&M | Leggings: Target | Hoodie: Carters

    Newborn shoot SW themed, Obv. 

    Baby C cozy in his Sakura Bloom ring sling with daddy.

    2 week appointment 

    Mama loves you SOOOO much! 

  • 36 Week Pregnancy Update Plus a Super Amazing Package from Lucy Darling!

    How far along? 36 weeks

    Total weight gain/measurements: Measuring perfectly on schedule. :) Can't be bothered with my weight at this point >.<

    Maternity clothes: Still living in simple stretchy non pregnancy clothes. With the exception of maternity pantaloons. 

    Stretch marks? Not yet! I have been using sweet almond oil twice a day.

    Sleep: I have def noticed a difference in my sleep quality this week. I pass out around 11pm, then at around 3 am wake up every 45 minutes to pee. Then for the rest of the night I feel restless and sweaty. So thats cute. 

    Best moment this week:  Bags packed! Ready to go! The nursery is also ready for baby C! Check out my previous blog post with a million photos of our lovely little baby cave! 

    Miss anything? I miss having an endless amount of energy… but I have a feeling I won't be getting that back. 

    Movement: Even though I know he is super squished in there, he is still moving around a ton and kicking my ribs :)

    Food cravings: FRUIT!!!!!!!!! And of course cakes! 

    Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing new. Still can't stand Old Bay or popcorn (barf!!)

    Gender: My Moy Boy <3 

    Symptoms: Something very unpleasant I have started notices besides my change in sleep, is lightning crotch. UMM HOLY OUCHIES! 

    Belly button in or out? FLAT and sometimes out when he's poking me! 

    Wedding rings on or off? OFF! These sausage fingers couldn't take it anymore! 

    Happy or moody most of the time: HAPPY! 

    Looking forward to: My Moy Boy to be here!!! Just a few more weeks! 

    We have baby registries at Target and Amazon! (for those of you who have asked)

    We received THE most adorable gift from Lucy Darling! Recently released "Baby's First Year" book which is in our hospital bag, monthly stickers and closet organizers so I can easily find outfits based on his age! SO brilliant! THANK YOU!!!!! <3

    Just like Daddy Docs! I am SO in love! 

  • What's in my hospital bag? The compete list!

    I don't know why, but during the last few months of my pregnancy I have been obsessed with "what's in my hospital bag" videos and blog posts. I find them extremely helpful so here is what we are bringing with us to the hospital. Maybe it will help someone else. Disclaimer: I have a MAJOR over-packing problem, so this is the best I could do. ;) 

    ♡One bag for Mommy which will have everything I need for labor and delivery plus recovery. I am also bringing along my Bobby pillow and a pillow from home. I don't do pancake pillows and I hear the hospital pillows lack the fluff. NOPE! **MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR ID AND INSTALL YOUR CAR SEAT!!!**

    -Comfy socks. 


    -2 Pairs of yoga pants, one will be used for going home.

    -2 nursing tanks, one will be used for going home.

    -Nursing nightgown with robe

    -Pajama pants

    -Ugly undies (probably wont use them, but just in case I can't stand the mesh pantie they provide) 

    -Postpartum compression band

    -Water bottle

    -Toiletry bag (I have 2 because not everything fit in one.)

    -Small standing mirror

    -Make up bag

    -Head phones

    -(not pictured) hoodie

    -(not pictured) labor gown (the gowns look gross so I MAY end up buying my own)

    -(not pictured) Pillow 

    -Make up bag - Just a few essentials; foundation, mascara, liner, blush, brow pencil, lipstick, eye shadow and brushes. 

    There is no point in separating toiletries since we both use most of the same things. 

    -New razor (yea we share!)

    -Travel shaving cream

    -Hair ties


    -Hand sanitizer



    -Travel Make up wipes

    -Travel Toothpaste


    -Travel Gold Bond

    -Soap (we use this for face/body)

    -Small brush

    -Travel Deodorant 




    -Hair clip

    -Dry Shampoo (I am NOT washing my hair in the hospital) 

    -Soothing gel pads for those sore boobies

    -Lanolin nipple cream

    -Extra pads for going home, I refuse to wear a diaper with yoga pants in public! 


    Daddy's bag is a bit bare, as we live just 15 minutes away from the hospital so I did not want to make him pack too much. He plans on running home a couple of times to check on Emily and feed her, if he needs something else he can grab it then. 

    -Birth Plan

    -Massage balls 

    -Comfy pants



    -Slippers (not pictured but they will most likely be his Crocs)



    -Camera (not pictured, as I used it to phototgraph :p) 

    -Camera charger

    -(not pictured, we are stil using them) Phone chargers 


    -Disinfectant  wipes (because he is germaphobe)

    -(not pictured) Pillow from home 

    -SOMETHING to make the room smell good 

    -(not pictured) Wallet 


    My FAVORITE bag to pack was baby C's diaper bag! Full of cute! Note, the hospital will provide pretty much everything except a going home outfit, but I am a first time Mom so of course I am going to bring a quarter of his wardrobe! A friend suggested I bring a few newborn size outfits as well as 0-3 months just incase he is a big baby. 

    -Diaper bag (Chelsea Downtown Bag)

    -Baby's Book of Firsts by Lucy Darling (for his first foot prints)

    -Nail files

    -Nail clippers

    -Newborn brush (incase he has a ton of hair) 

    -Boba wrap

    -Swaddle blanket by aden + anais (I will probably use for the car ride home)

    -Receiving blanket

    -Few pairs of socks

    -Few pairs of leggings

    -Scratch mittens


    -Bear hoodie

    -Simple White hoodie

    -Couple long-sleeved onesies