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  • Pregnancy in my 20s vs my 30s | Gender Reveal

    Half way there! Woohoo! In a way, I feel like I have been pregnant for everrrr, but at the same time it feels like I was just racing to Target because I had “that feeling”. I am so excited for this little babe to complete our little family! OK, so here is what I have experienced so far. Its not at all what I expected this time!

    If you followed my blog while I was pregnant with Camden, you know it was a magical pregnancy. It was easy and amazing. I wasn’t sick, sore, tired or miserable AT ALL. I was so lucky!!
    This time, things are very very different. Sure, I am almost 4 years older (not in my 20s anymore WAHHH!!) so I get it, but man… its been brutal and scary at times!

    Lets start with the first trimester…
    I was so sick. Like could barely eat anything, my tummy always felt like it was turning! Even water made me want to vom! Eventually, the only thing I wanted to eat were caesar salads, pickles, watermelon and smoothies.

    Another not so lovely symptom that hit me pretty hard was exhaustion. I was more tired in my first trimester than I was when Camden was a newborn. Peeling myself out of bed felt like torture and when I finally got up, I went straight to the couch. Luckily, Cam is a pretty independent kiddo and just played, drew and read so I could sleep. I don’t know how mamas with a demanding child manage while they are in zombie first trimester mode!

    Lets throw a positive in there because I feel like I am bitching too much and there is more bitching to come. I felt my first tummy flutters super early. I think it was like 12 weeks or so I felt him swimming around and by 14 weeks I felt full on kicks! Those little kicks made it feel real, and made me forget about all the agony I was going through. I felt an instant connection and my heart, which was already so full, was about to overflow with love for this child.

    Suddenly, I found myself in my second trimester which usually means a relief from morning sickness and exhaustion. I patiently waited for that relief but I was still a hot mess. Distracted my a growing belly (which popped super fast), a few weeks went by and I was feeling like myself again! The weather was getting warmer, here in Charleston, SC and I could finally wear dresses that made me look pregnant and not just full of tacos! I was embracing pregnancy and LOVING IT! Then I started having a difficult time again. I was getting light-headed to the point of almost passing out multiple times a day. Its a pretty scarey feeling especially when you’re alone a lot or its just you and your toddler. I called my OB office and the nurse immediately blamed it on the lack of meat in my diet (eye roll). Obviously, keeping myself healthy for this baby is my priority so I increased my protein intake with alternatives like nuts and beans, as well as increased my iron intake with strawberries, spinach and tofu. These light headed spells aren’t as frequent now so I guess I am doing something right! I have learned to be careful, especially when its hot and humid (so, like everyday here). I’ve noticed my body is trigger by humidity and extremely hot weather so I will be living in AC ally summer long.

    OK, lets talk varicose veins for a second. I thought varicose veins came with menopause or something? Certainly not in your early 30s! One day, I randomly noticed the veins in my right leg, around my knee looking pretty upset and more noticable than usual. Naturally, I freaked out and went straight to google to learn that its another very unglamorous symptom of pregnancy especially when you’re older (I hate that word). An Instagram friend who is also pregnant had shared that she too had varicose veins, and had experienced them in previous pregnancies and they went away! So, I immediately felt a little comforted. These bitches hurt and if I stand for too long, they begin to bother the hell out of me. So yay for gross bulgy veins! -_- I ordered compression socks and I am impatiently waiting for them to be delivered!

    Currently, I am 24 weeks and feeling extremely large. I was told this baby is big and that my small frame might have difficulties carrying full term but I’m not going to count on that. I think my body will do what its supposed to do and make sure my baby and I are ok.

    So, in the mean time I am happily adjusting to being uncomfortable because after all, I am growing a human… I perfect little human and that makes it so so worth everything. I may not be sleeping well and I may be feeling the every pain of my body expanding and making room, but I am so grateful to be pregnant again and I can’t wait to hold this BOY in my arms!

    Yup! Another BOY!!!!! I am over the moon to be able to raise another dude! Boys are so special, and my life goal is to raise respectful, smart, polite and hard working men in a world that so desperately needs it. Little Moy Boy has a name, but we are keeping it hush until he is born. All I can say is that it starts with a G! Baby G!

    Dress-TJ Maxx

    I have already started to collect little things for little moy boy. Here are some favorites! 

    Prints- Honey and the Hive

    Shirts for big brother and little brother - The Wild Kids Apparel 

    Abby and Finn diapers Size 1

    Avery the Lamb Doll - Cuddle + Kind (One doll purchase = 10 meals to children in need) \\ Sweater, romper and onesie - TJ Maxx

    Wall art, pants and jumpsuit are from Target

    Diaper bag but One Tree - Amazon 

    Postpartum Spray by ma mere- Amazon 

    Boys bating suit- Ollie & Squish

    Vintage find! 

    I was sent the new DockATot from Oh Joy for baby G to enjoy!  I am gratful and excited for him to have sweet dreams in this beauty! - DockATot

    As always, thank you for for stopping by! <3

  • The Second Trimester | Survival and Must Haves

    The 2nd trimester has been such a breeze! Nausea has subsided, and I am full of energy! The biggest changes are with my comfort level and the state of my body. 

    Now that I am in the 3rd trimester, I created a list of few items that are now considered "must haves", as they have really helped me survive all of the changes baby and I have been going through. 

    Victoria's Secret No-Show Cheekster Panties 

    These are SO comfortable and don't press awkwardly on your belly! Being a some what full-butt panty AND a seamless cut makes them perfect for leggings or tight pants. "Maternity" panties can be super gross and frumpy! NOT sexy! These are quite the opposite. They are flattering, soft and still sexy! I bought 5 for $28 and had TONS of lovely colors to choose from!

    Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

    I've noticed that my lips are just a MESS! They are dry and flaky and not something I can deal can tolerate. With a combination of the cold weather and whatever part of pregnancy that is sucking all the moister out of my lips, I needed to find a solution.  I tried a few different lip treatments and the only one to truly helped was Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. I use it at night before I got to bed and if I am going to be out in the cold. My lips are so soft and no longer look like I took a cheese grater to them THANK GOODNESS! EW!

    Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash

    As expected, my skin HATES me while pregnant! Well, most of the time. I have noticed that "pregnancy acne" has been a frequent visitor on my face, usually ALL OVER my chin and jaw line. Pimple ointment is a no-no while pregnant so I had find a safe alternative!  I started using a soapless cleanser on my face by Dove. After a few days, I noticed a HUUUUGE change! My spots started to clear up and my skin is now the smoothest its ever been! Its not dry or oily! I get occasional blemishes which is normal but nothing like it was.  

    Bringing up Bebe, by Pamela Druckerman 

    A friend recommended this book to me. I read 3 sentences offered in an Amazon preview and I was immediately hooked! This book is wonderful! No, I am not French… but I DO respect the way they raise their children. This book is hilarious and really makes you wonder how off track we have gotten with using plain common sense while raising children. I don't want to give too much away, but do yourself a favor and read the preview here

    Sweet Almond Oil with Vitamin E

    As mentioned in Bringing Up Bebe as being a stretch mark lifesaver, I HAD to give it a shot. Its oil (duh) so it takes some time to rub into your skin and you have to wash your hands for like 10 minutes afterward but my tummy (and bewbs) stay moisturized all day long! The smell is also much more manageable than my Burt's Bees Belly Butter. I hope this helps keep those stretch marks away! Find it on amazon.