• Pregnant With Baby #2 | First Trimester

    Hi Friends! It’s been ages and I've been wondering when I would finally have the drive to start the blog back up. One of my favorite things to do is make a fresh cup of coffee, sit down and get lost in writing about our life adventures... so I don’t' know why I stopped? Anyways…

     So much has happened but lets start with the biggest and most exciting... 

    WE ARE PREGNANT! Baby is due October 17th and we are over the moon! This little one will complete our family! I cam so excited to have a fall baby, October is my favorite month plus Phil, Camden and I are all born in the Spring/early Summer so it will be nice to have a gap in celebrating birthdays $$$$ 

     Currently, I am 14 weeks and oh so happy to be in the second trimester, as the last couple months have been brutal! Quite the opposite as my first pregnancy, I have been extremely tired and just plain sick. Thankfully, I have been feeling a little less like a cranky zombie and more like a human this week! Woohoo!

    Camden is so excited to be a big brother! He has already told me he will help with daiper changes and feedings lol. Some days he talks about how much he loves his baby brother and how they are going to play trucks and some days he says he loves his baby sister soo... I suppose that means he would be happy with either! 


    Food Aversions:

    The smell of my spice cabinet makes me dry heave, so no thank you. 

    Meat. Ugh, I cook it for the boys but it’s a battle to not throw up now.

    Food Cravings: 

    Beer? Uh, this is a weird one for me since I am (was) a wine and cocktails kind of gal. The smell of beer literally makes my mouth water! 

    Caesar Salads

    Raw Oysters... another thing I can't have (basically I am torturing myself with my cravings)


    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 

    Pickles (cliché pregnancy craving but OMG… GIMMIE ALL THE PICKLES!) 


    My sleep has been all over the place. Some nights I sleep perfectly and others I literally go crazy laying there waiting for the alarm to go off. I have been using my Himalayan salt lamp, which has helped calm my anxiety and turn off my brain.

     Weight Gain:

    My pre-pregnancy weight was much more healthier than with Camden. I was 97 lbs. at my first appointment with him, but this time around I came in at 112 lbs. and have gained 1 pound so far. Lets hope I don’t gain FIFTY FREAKING POUNDS again!

     How I Have Been Feeling?

    Moods are pretty consistent with random bursts of psycho. I think I have just been too tired to be a total psycho soo that’s cool. LOL

    The tears have just started and mostly because I can’t stand that Camden is growing up so fast. I have been watching old videos of him on my phone and I just sob. Like full blown tears streaming down my face and dripping on absolutely everything.

     I am a little uncomfortable with my body right now, which I expected. I am starting to get a little bump, which only really fits in high-waisted yoga pants or stuffed under a skirt or dress. Bump also looks like it could be beer belly so I have been embracing allll the flowy shirts!


    I did not expect to feel baby until at least 18/20 weeks but at 13 weeks I started feeling little flutters. I went in for an ultrasound and asked about it. Was it just tummy toots or is that my little baby? Apparently, it is totally possible to feel baby as early as 12 weeks with your second baby. So yea, I can already feel my little bean bouncing around.

     Boy or Girl?

    We will find out May 21!

     Baby Gear:

    I haven’t bought much for baby yet, as we have so much leftover from Camden but I am sure that will change soon. I love baby shopping!


     Thank you for reading and more blog posts will be coming soon! I have so much to update you all on! 


  • Magic and Memories with the CINEMOOD Storyteller | Holiday Discount Code

    Christmas is just a couple weeks away!?  I know I can’t be the only one totally thrown off by how quick autumn came and went leaving you with that cold panic of last minute Christmas shopping!

     Just like any year, I strive to find cool gifts for Camden that will provide hours of entertainment, so I can actually get things done, and allow him to use his imagination, because the imagination of a toddler is literal magic.


    You guys... are you ready for this? I am so excited to tell you about the CINEMOOD Storyteller! It’s a small handheld projector that can come along anywhere with your kiddo as they make the sweetest memories.  Going on a road trip? Bring the CINEMOOD! Going camping and wanting to listen to music or play shadow puppets? Bring the CINEMOOD! Movie night in the backyard that requires minimal set up and zero extension cords? Bring the CINEMOOD, popcorn and a blanket! This device is a dream!

    With 120+ hours of kid-friendly preloaded digital content, including lullabies, digital books, bedtime stories, fairy tales, cartoons, shadow puppets, music, Disney, Netflix and YouTube streaming capabilities, you and the fam can enjoy having endless amounts of entertainment right at your finger tips. It can even be controlled from your phone by downloading the CINEMOOD app.  

    So, I have two surprises or you!

     First, CINEMOOD is having a rad Christmas promotional sale that will knock the original price of $399 down to $299.



    Second, they gave me a code that will get you a free Smart Cover that will allow you to access even more content! Use TIFFMOOD at checkout

  • Last Minute Father's Day Gifts Under $30

    Is it just me or are spring/summer pure chaos?! We are trying to get outside more, there's yard maintenance, birthdays, vacations, endless house chores... the list never ends. I usually find myself looking for easy but awesome gifts that Dad will actually like and don't involve expedited shipping... because I CAN'T with expedited shipping! 

    Here are two tested and approved (by Dad) gift ideas that you can put together RIGHT NOW! 

    A rustic beer crate full of an assortment of refreshing craft beers. 

    Beer crate is from Home Goods ($12.99). I love that it has a built in bottle opener! The beers I chose are mostly local, that way if Dad really likes them, he can spend a day at the brewery! 

    A personal whiskey tasting sampler 

    Find a nice glass jar that can fit 5-6 miniature bottles. I found this one at Target. You can pick whatever you think Dad will enjoy. Add a tag and DONE! I've made these for Christmas and birthdays as well, and they are always a hit! 

    Happy Father's Day to all the rad Dads out there! If you end up using one of these ideas for Father's Day, or any occasion, let me know! I would love to see what you come up with!

  • The Cheapest DIY Ever | Yarn Wall Hanging

    I have been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging as life with a toddler has proven to be fun but oh soooo exhausting. A Camden update is coming soon but in the mean time, here's a little tutorial for you!

    Have some yarn hanging around? Use it to make a rad wall hanging for any room in your house! This little DIY literally would have cost me $.69 (price of the wooden dowel)  but I has a specific color scheme in mind. I guarantee you can do this for $3 or less and in under an hour! 

    Here is what you will need:

    A wooden dowel


    Hanging string or thread




    Here is what you do:

    Cut your dowel to however long you want your wall hanging. 

    Cut even strands of yarn, however many you need to fill up the space on your dowel. Each piece will be doubled so keep that in mind.  

    Tie each piece of yarn to the dowel using the larks head knot.  You can google how to do this but its super easy! Here is a little diagram so you get the idea:


    Repeat until you fill up however much space you want on your dowel. Leave an even amount of space on each side.

    Use a ruler or whatever tool you want to cut the bottom. I chose to a triangle but you can do anything you want. 

    Attach your hanging string or thread to the dowel evenly on each side. 

    Find a cute wall to hang and enjoy!